C-Login WordPress plugin

C-Login WordPress plugin allows you to customize the login and register section of Wordpress. Thanks to this plugin, you can replace the WordPress logo, set a background image or background slideshow and much more.

Plugin overview

Free vs Premium

Plugin feature



Logo upload

Background image

Google Fonts

Login form font management

Login form position management

Login form colors management

Login form size management

Backup section

Tested up to



Requires PHP



Background slideshow

Custom templates

Transparent login box

Padding top

Borders radius

Custom css

1 click upgrades

Premium features

Default Skins

You can set a default plugin skin and replace the saved options.

Background slideshow

You can create a beautiful body background slideshow and make your admin page unique.

Unlimited colors

You can change the colors of each section, like the login button.

Backup section

You can create a backup of plugin settings ( included the slideshow) or restore the default settings.

Sample data

You can import the preview settings, from the backup section.

1 click upgrades

Start automatically the theme upgrades with simple one-click.

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C-Login WordPress plugin

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