Internal Linking Related Contents

Internal Linking of Related Contents allows you to automatically insert related articles inside your WordPress posts, based of categories, tags, or both.

Internal Linking is an SEO power technique and important tool increase your page views, moreover helps in reducing the bounce rate.

Thanks to our plugin, you can automatically insert the related posts inside the content, instead of the end of post content, like the most popular plugins.

Free vs Premium

Plugin feature



Custom colors

Option to edit the cta text

Option to edit the top and bottom margin


Related content based of post category

Related content based of post tag

Tested up to

WordPress 6.0

WordPress 6.0

Requires PHP






Related contents inside each post

1 to 3

1 to 10

Interval between each related content

1 to 3 paragraphs

1 to 10 paragraphs

Related content based of category and post tags

Option to edit the_content hook priority

Option to exclude specific categories

Option to exclude specific tags

Option to exclude specific posts

Device selection

Option to edit the font size

Featured image

Order by option

Sort order option

AMP support

Shortcode generator

Gutenberg block

Custom post types support

1 click upgrades

Automatic data import

Premium features

Order by option

You can select how to order the related contents.

Sort order option

You can select the ordering of related contents.

Engine search

Besides the options available on the free version, you can load the related contents based of categories and post tags.

the_content hook priority.

You can change the priority of the_content hook.

Categories to exclude

You can select one or more categories to exclude from the related contents.

Tags to exclude

You can select one or more post tags to exclude from the related contents.

Posts to exclude

You can select one or more posts to exclude from the related contents.

Font size

You can set a different font size, based of the user device (mobile,tablet and desktop).

Device selection

You can select the device where you want to display the related contents.

Featured image

You can display the featured image of related content, choosing one of premium available template.

Shortcodes generator.

For only WordPress 3.9.0 and higher versions is available a dynamic shortcode generator, to add a specific related post inside the WordPress content.

Gutenberg block.

Starting from the version 1.0.9, you can use the Gutenberg block to add a specific related post inside the WordPress content.

AMP support

Display rightly the related posts in AMP pages.

Custom post types support

You can enable the related contents for specific custom post types.

Automatic data import

After the activation of Internal Linking of Related Contents Pro, all settings will be imported automatically from the free version.

1 click upgrades

Start automatically the plugin upgrades with simple one-click.

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