Free and premium WordPress themes for 2016

How to choose a WordPress theme for your site?

Posted on 24 January, 2016

Why choose a premium WordPress theme instead of a free version? To understand better, you must know exactly what WordPress has to offer you and for what can be used.

Originally intended as a platform for blogging in 2003, from the minds of Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, with the time has increasingly evolved with numerous widgets and plugins that have extended the capabilities allowing WordPress to evolve to the point that it can be used to
the management of more complex projects such as, an ecommerce website (for example ThemeinProgress runs on WordPress ).

Today WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and used and that is why we were born many services that offer the opportunity to purchase a premium theme , like ThemeForest of Envato group.

At the same time you can find here many free WordPress themes, on the official website of WordPress. Due to the large choice available today , finding the right one can be exhausting , so it is necessary to distinguish and analyze in detail the advantages of use a premium WordPress template with respect to a free template.

Advantages of premium WordPress themes

One of the main advantages is the professional support service, which is offered and allows you to quickly resolve any bugs or to obtain information on how to make a cosmetic change or functional or even on how to manage the functionality of the theme, very often those who make a free theme does not offer such a service , or in any case the response time can be very long , this can cause problems and / or disadvantages if the project that you want to achieve on time delivery has very tight.

It is easy also, that a free theme does not allow customization of the same by a convenient control panel but instead it is necessary to intervene in the code of the theme, this may not be to everyone as they are required knowledge of languages ​​, html, php and css . Instead , thanks to a panel control, you can manage the position of the sidebar or if you see it or not. Still, thanks to the control panel of the theme , you can choose between
different combinations of colors or choose one quickly , without knowing the RGB code that represents it and quickly change the font.

Finally, again control panel, you can dynamically add new sidebar , to use to display different widgets for each page or post.

Another characteristic of a premium theme is the ability to add dynamic elements within the content display and so , a table , or split page in multiple columns. If you are not developers is difficult to do these operations. This is due to the shortcodes that are nothing more than simple short codes that evoke an integrated element in the theme without having to intervene in the source code of the theme.

In addition, many free themes have a limited number or do not have any slider and integrated through the use of a slider, you can show your services or the main content of your site in an alternative way , making it more attractive and more coinvolgento your visitors.

Another important thing is the ability to translate the theme into the language of our interest, without going to try and change each term in the source code of the theme, this is done by editing a single file that contains all the terms of our website.

Finally, given the continuing evolution of the WordPress platform , it is essential that the theme used is updated to the latest versions of our favorite CMS and continue to be followed as WordPress evolves and adds new functionality.

We have seen some of the main advantages of using a premium theme than a free theme , it all depends on our needs and our skills , the use of a free theme does not involve a loss of quality of our website , even on the net you will find many professional templates and even if free may be difficult to obtain , given the high number of available themes.

At the basis of the above, you can find out ThemeinProgress professional themes , download the free version for non- commercial projects and , if you are satisfied, update the version used and extend the functionality of your site.

Also, you can found here more free WordPress themes for your site or blog.